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Less is Moi Founder and Designer, Freya Pearson

Posted on 25 December 2014


Well hello there! 

I'm Freya Pearson and I'm the person behind this new beginning of online interaction. Intrigued you should be! This is not a blog page BEWARE... it is so much more!

Less is Moi will be a website where you can seek new style, advice from a stylist, and our latest fashion range. 

It all began for me from my love of travel, and being the slightly wild child to say the least in my family, I outgrew where I was living in London with a thirst to navigate my way around the world.

Hardly surprising really when I had been bought up in the heart of Borneo, where you say? That's exactly the same response I had when at 11 years old I was being told by my family we were moving there from my lovely cosy home town in the UK. So really this is where it all began for me, with a father who was a pilot and my curiosity for all new places and cultures I got more than I could have imagined. 

After leaving the London College of Fashion, I  worked in fashion for the last 10 years or been making it in some way shape or form learning new skills from people I meet on my travels. 

I worked in PR and Events alongside this and always knew what my heart wanted. The truth of it is that as a lover of travel and fashion I could harness the two together, it is after all what I do best, having lived in Mexico for 3 years which was only meant to be a two week vacation! My explorations led me then to India to live for a year, following this I have lived also in Africa, Kenya where I worked for fashion houses, and Edward Norton's charity - WOW, that was an incredible experience. 

Through these amazing opportunities, I have true life experience from a world perspective and also from the natives view point. I have a knowledge of someone that can bring the world and it's offerings to you. As I have a belief in helping others too. As much of a crazy cat as I am, I have the ability to offer my knowledge and give this to you. You will be seeing me write on here and get an insight as to what it is to be a slight nomad, wanderer, but not lost. Currently in Sydney, I will be off exploring and bringing you some pretty incredible things that no-one else is doing! I am not your average BLOGGER, ha ha.

I am bringing to you things you have not seen before as only someone who has wandered has found. So in a few weeks the first launch will be happening.... it's limited to 40 only, so you better be ready!!

So follow me on instagram, or our facebook page for more fantastic products, as we travel the world together!

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