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Safari Stylin'

Posted on 26 February 2015

How does this relate to me sourcing product, it’s all about the print, straight from Africa and the wildlife.  You will never see print on print and be so in awe as you are here!! I was overflowing with creativity. This beautiful, magical land.

So what does one wear when going on Safari? Don't be a geek, style it out love, honestly the amount of clones I saw all in the same gear was hilarious. Why, because they have been told by someone that is what you have to wear! Nonsense I tell you!!

Now, I don’t believe you need to dress like a nerd in green khaki and strange jackets it was never my colour anyway.  You do realize that  make up is certainly not a requirement, and you give up on your hair too after a few days but there are tips trust me!

So loose harem trousers with a dark t – shirt for day time as it is dusty and to be honest flip- flops are fine! Unless you are getting out of the vechicle then I was in my sturdy converse.  The vital elements are some sort of hat, or as I do a scarf to keep my hair in one place.  Camera - of course! Loose fitting trousers, long shirt, and t-shirt underneath.

The game drives in the morning are cold so this is when layering comes into it’s own and any woman who knows fashion knows how to layer stylishly no matter where they are! I don’t need to explain the rules of that to you.

I had 4 layers on, my jeans – charcoal skinny in the morning as these kept me much warmer and I don’t go anywhere with out these or boyfriend jeans! Converse on my feet as I said it is cold. Scarf around neck and hair and Sun glasses.  

Now you are set up for Safari in Style. Oh so chic daaarling. Enjoy the game drive and the majestic animals you will pass by... my favorites are the leopard, giraffe, Elephant and Lion hmmm so pretty much everything!

Here are some beautiful photos from the Maasai Mara - more to come, and where we stayed.




























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