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Why travel?

Posted on 08 July 2016

Why travel?
This is a question that could be debated forever, for each person we all do this for different reasons. Less Is Moi gains inspiration for the next collections from our travels.
I know why I do it and I always pass my opinion on to people that are about to embark on there own personal journey of adventure.
My most recent trip to Italy which I will be writing about shortly, I had a real epiphany. Cliche I know, but I finally realised why I love travelling and the reason I have been doing it for 15 years. Yes, it has taken me this long! ha ha
I realised I am in the present moment, what do I mean by this, without sounding all hippy this simply means I don't think about anything other than the moment/ place I am currently in.

My senses are working on what is around me right there in front of me. There is no thought or thinking of my past, worries or what I need to be doing in the future. My brain is simply present exactly where I am. Who doesn't want this these days??


So now I know why I've travelled so much it all makes sense, but I also know what I hope to gain from travelling too.
To experience a country or city I believe you cannot go for a day visit or just two weeks to understand it. One must leave their comfort zone to truly experience a new environment.
I live for exploring the world, learning new skills, meeting people and gaining stories and watching how other people live their lives. My time away has seen me on the road for 15 years if not more.
I made the decision to break from normality (whatever that truly is!) after finishing university instead of settling in to a job for a long term career,  I chose the path to explore the world and learn by adventure.
If you want to immerse yourself in to a country go and live and work there to truly understand the highs and lows of the surroundings. 
Explore through your senses' of what you see, the land, traditions, are there tribes that still exist, styles of dress, dance or food.
Immerse yourself, don't hold back. Make time to learn a new language, eat the local food. Most of all take something away with you that you have learnt from this experience.
Enjoy your next journey, if you want any suggestions of where to go or stay. I have lots of knowledge on this for all budgets. 
I still explore as my two passions link simultaneously,travel and fashion, so through my travel I gain inspiration for my collections. 
Enjoy your next adventure.
Freya xxxx


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